Primavera Cloud Options

Options for Moving Primavera P6 to the Cloud

Like most of the Project Management world, you may be a little confused about moving your Primavera P6 environment to the “Cloud”. What are my options for moving to the cloud? SaaS vs. a Hosted Solution? Is Primavera Cloud different than P6?

CBA is here to alleviate confusion and help find the right path for you. Our experience in this space makes us uniquely qualified to help you determine if a cloud environment is right for your organization.

3 options for converting to cloud

Hosted SolutionSoftware as a ServiceOracle Primavera Cloud

Primavera P6 EPPM users can host their current environment in a secure, U.S. based facility managed by a CBA hosting partner that specializes in the setup and operation specific to Oracle Primavera P6. The CBA Hosting Provider will keep your environment running smoothly, giving your team 24/7 access from any internet capable location. This system will provide the same accessibility that a SaaS solution provides, but allows for more control over your P6 environment. CBA can lead the implementation of this transition by helping you choose the right provider, migrating your data, and smoothly transitioning existing integrations.


  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • MLM Project Services

You can transition to a monthly subscription model and choose one of Oracle’s options for Primavera P6 SaaS (Software as a Service). There are subtle differences between the two options that CBA can help to determine which fits your organization best.

Before transitioning to a P6 SaaS Cloud Service, analyzing your current P6 license situation is crucial. P6 Cloud Service is a very different model that requires a thorough cost/benefit analysis of the short and long-term impact this decision will have on your overall project management goals and costs. CBA has the knowledge and experience to help determine the optimal path for your organization.

Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM Cloud Service
Monthly Subscription Fee: $125
Minimum Users: 25
Database Storage: 220 MB(per user)
Integration Capability: Primavera Gateway & P6 EPPM Web Services
Production Environment: 2 (Production & Nonproduction Environments)
Oracle Primavera P6 Standard Cloud Service
Monthly Subscription Fee: $100
Minimum Users: 15
Database Storage: 150 GB(total)
Integration Capability: P6 EPPM Web Services
Production Environment: 1 (Single Production Environment)

The third option is to transition to the new Oracle Primavera Cloud (formerly Prime Projects) which not only includes a P6 compatible scheduling engine, but also includes additional functionality that goes beyond what P6 currently provides today, such as, Lean Scheduling, Monte Carlo Risk Analysis and many other features in a single mobile-friendly interface.

Oracle Primavera Schedule
Oracle Primavera Schedule
Powerful Project Scheduling and Planning

Efficiently plan, schedule, and control programs and individual projects. Evaluate scenarios to determine the best project plans and mitigate risk. Optimize resources across project teams and track progress.

Oracle Primavera Lean
Oracle Primavera Lean
Digitize Lean Construction

Boost efficiency, visibility, and control in Lean construction processes. Define, coordinate, and manage tasks with digital planning boards. Monitor performance and integrate with the CPM master schedule.

Oracle Primavera Portfolio
Oracle Primavera Portfolio
Powerful Project Portfolio Management

Get a long-term view into project portfolio health and performance. Enhance visibility into project information, including pipeline, budgets, and capital spend needs. Ensure alignment of project portfolios with corporate goals.

Oracle Primavera Risk
Oracle Primavera Risk
Manage Project Risk to Improve Planning, Execution

Capture, assess, monitor, and mitigate project risk to avoid – delays or cost overruns and help ensure successful outcomes. Leverage both qualitative and quantitative risk analyses to drive project success.


CBA can help you find your way

CBA Can Help

CBA is the partner of choice for clients looking to transition from an on-premise Primavera P6 environment to an easier-to-manage cloud environment. Our extensive practical experience with the most demanding private and public sector organizations makes us uniquely qualified to provide the wisest council.

Below are some of the ways CBA can help you determine if moving to the cloud is right for you and a few things to consider before deciding.

Cloud Readiness AssessmentIntegrationsProcess EvaluationDatabase ConsolidationOther Cloud Considerations

Whether it’s a small or large operation, there are a variety of factors CBA takes into consideration when evaluating and determining the best course of action before moving to a P6 Cloud environment.

  • Current Processes – Evaluate and recommend process improvements
  • Migration of Data – Clean corrupt data and migrate to new environment
  • Current Administrative Environment – Determine number and type of current databases
  • Version Limitations – Determine which version of P6 to upgrade to

Not all P6 Implementations are the same and CBA will make sure all your existing integrations with other systems transition smoothly into the new environment.


Establishing standard processes is key to a successful transition to the cloud. CBA will review current processes and recommend new or improved methods so the new environment is clean and functioning at maximum capacity.


CBA is equipped to move any P6 setup to the cloud, whether it’s multiple stand-alone installations, a single database on-premise environment, or multiple databases that need to be consolidated. CBA will clean the project data and migrate it to the most desired environment.


CBA has transitioned multiple clients to a Primavera P6 Cloud Environment and is well equipped to handle any situation. Below are a few of CBA’s cloud capabilities to consider:

  • Move current SQL Databases to an Oracle Cloud Environment
  • Pre-configuration of the database for future phase requirements
  • Re-create and configure old reports in the new cloud environment
  • Custom P6 training and process documentation in the new environment