Other Services

Procedure Manual Development

CBA can help fully document your use of any of the software tools we represent.  Our procedure manuals cover the application(s) you desire and feature modular based screen shots depicting your project data and the definitions of what goes in each field.

This development service includes documentation of your report specifications, client unique uses, database structure and procedures directly related to the use of the software tool.

Example: P3e Backup Procedure for Interbase

It is a good practice to backup the database on a regular scheduled basis.

Company Specific Training Curriculum Development

Let CBA take the basic foundation of a great training curriculum and customize it for your organization by using sample projects and data oriented towards your industry, materials that emphasize the software features you will be using the most, and examples that are based on your company’s procedures and projects.

Project Scheduling / Resource and Cost Allocation

CBA consultants, being well versed in the use of P6, P3, and SureTrak, can create project plans for use on your internal projects or for those of your clients. We can simply input your data or facilitate your team meeting to get the vital information form all affected parties to produce the required schedules, updates and reports.

Custom Report Writing

Are you looking for a report that is “just like the one in this example except I want this over here and that over there and maybe our company logo in the corner?” CBA has the expertise to modify project management reports using Infomaker, Reportsmith or MS Access to create reports in exactly the format you would like.

Application Integration Services

How many times have you entered data in more than one place? Or how many times have you avoided the exchange of information between applications because it meant you would have to enter data twice? CBA has the ability to help you integrate data from disparate applications and databases in a variety of ways. We have experience exchanging data between Oracle, Btrieve, MS Access, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Excel – even mainframe flat files. Let us be part of your data exchange solution.

Custom Data Query

Would you like an interactive method to choose options in plain English that can be used to generate an on-screen or printed report? P3 clients who have taken advantage of this service have found it quite simple and extremely helpful.

Software Installation / Troubleshooting

Our staff of Information Technology consultants can get all of the software products we represent (and a number of others as well!) up and running in your network environment. We not only install, but also fully test for true multi-user functionality and ensure peripheral product compatibility. Many times we find a client may be experiencing a problem with the performance of a particular software product and we eventually trace the root of the problem to network configuration issues. If you think it should be running better, it probably should, and we can help.

ASP Hosting Services / Application Management

Critical Business Analysis, Inc. has the capability to provide access to Primavera software applications as an ASP hosted solution through LoadSpring Solutions, Inc. LoadSpring Solutions, Inc. provides first-class collaboration and application management solutions enabling CBA’s customers to save valuable time and money while eliminating IT roadblocks. LoadSpring Solutions has developed a powerful proprietary web application which connects users to enterprise-level server software, best of breed data centers and web-enables their software using the Internet. LoadSpring’s software, the CAM console, acts as the facilitator to enable subscribed customers to easily and securely access applications such as Primavera Expedition and Primavera Enterprise and share information on-line in real-time with any authorized partner that is connected to the Internet. For more information, contact John Gordon at CBA, Inc. at 800-874-8080 or info@cbainc.com.