A revolutionary cloud-based project monitoring system

Exto is a cloud-enabled platform and project service that will help companies effortlessly navigate the complex project execution landscape. Exto is your project compass! Whether connecting cities via roads and bridges, bringing water to a drought-ridden part of the world, or building infrastructure for clean energy, every project finds purpose in the lives it improves.


reduction in back-office effort


reduction in progress billing cycle time


real-time project status

Exto is one platform for your team and your projects

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Turbocharge project executionTrack finances, progress, billingCommunicate, collaboarateForecast project executionExto monitors, you executeExto common framework
Turbocharge project execution
with predefined flows that keep stakeholders on the same page from day one.

ResourcesTrack resources, schedule of values, bills of quantity. Manage a repository of costed resources, non-costed resources, materials, production capacity, custom units of measure, labor hours.
ContractsManage all contract types, details, cost elements, credit terms, change-mgt. workflow including RFIs, potential changes, and contract variations.
SchedulingUpdate schedules, progress, resources. Import from MS Project, Primavera P6, Excel, Google Sheets. View billing, payment milestones, plan work with look-ahead info.
Daily Progress
Daily ProgressEnter daily progress, track labor, indirect costs, custom measurements, testing, commissioning sub-steps, and approval workflows.
Progress Measurement
Progress MeasurementMeasure progress with an approval workflow enabling consolidation of daily progress, safety, inspection, and other compliance data captured onsite.
Progress Billing
Progress BillingExto integrates billing with onsite work measurement and certification. Non-measurement-based billing is also supported (e.g.: indirect costs, travel). Automatic carry and back forwarding of quantities and amounts from previous bills. Instant bills and backup data.
QA, Inspection
QA, InspectionManage daily chain inspection and progress quality approvals with an independent approval workflow. Generate non-compliance reports integrated with billing, payments, and change management.
DocumentsManage all project documents in a central repository with intuitive folder structures, flexible document numbering, and fast retrieval. Attach documents to point-to-point workflows.
IssuesEnable a customizable issues workflow that mimics the issue-lifecycle-management process.
HSECapture health, safety, and environmental (HSE) events as part of onsite daily workforce management.
PhotosMobile-enabled tag, search, and photo integratation. Tag images with infinite attributes including geographical info.
Manage Materials
Manage MaterialsTrack material status and changes (received, inspected, issued) and integrate with photos.
Track finances, progress, billing
to stay on top of all your most important daily project details.

Billing Progress
Billing ProgressAnalyze billing against payments integrated with accounting; compare against billing / payment milestones in the project schedule.
Cash Flow
Cash FlowExamine project cash flow integrated with billing, schedules, and payments.
Physical Progress
Physical ProgressReview project progress and physical work performed by resource categories; analyze progress by physical sections of completed work.
Financial Progress
Financial ProgressView financial progress and costs incurred against physical quantities installed or completed and status of non-physical work cost items. Compare financial and physical progress and review cost vs quantities for true progress.
Communicate, collaborate
manage all of your project communication with internal and external stakeholders for a seamless flow between departments and people.

Status via Email
Status via EmailInstantly review status of workflows, action items, and discussions through emails using any email client.
SMS Integration
SMS IntegrationSend, receive text notifications with team members and project monitoring engineers to collaborate on next steps.
Mobile Discussion
Mobile DiscussionCommunicate and collaborate online during project discussions and feedback and tie discussions to project records.
Meeting Minutes
Meeting MinutesRecord meeting minutes, track action items, attach documents, and send minutes through approval workflows.
Project Mailbox
Project MailboxContains communications integrated with project elements between project team members, include compliance docs.
Integrate with Tools
Integrate with ToolsIntegrate with common collaboration tools including Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Slack, WhatsApp.
Compliance Docs
Compliance DocsMaintain documents like bank guarantees, insurance documents and royalties.
Action Items
Action ItemsBuild action items from meeting minutes or on an ad-hoc basis.
Forecast project execution
know where you’re going before you get there.

What-If Scenarios
What-if ScenariosCreate progress scenarios including productivity against resource capacity constraints with fixed and floating contractual completion dates. Compare scenarios against current progress to analyze, identify issues, and plan ahead for user-driven or system-suggested recovery.
Recovery, Look-Ahead Plans
Recovery, Look-Ahead PlansReview system-generated recovery plans that consider current progress and any delays based on productivity and critical-resource capacity; support contractors by creating realistic catch-up plans.
Forecast Report
Forecast ReportBuild what-if scenarios based on productivity adjustments; create forecast reports to see how resources, progress, and billing are affected.
Exto monitors, you execute
Put your Exto project-monitoring engineer (PME) to good use! Exto handles the monitoring while you focus on project execution.

Monitoring, Control
Monitoring, ControlA site engineer’s priority is to focus on project execution. Exto’s project monitoring executive curates project data and updates it to ensure current, real-time project status and dashboards.
SchedulingWe assist your team to create a comprehensive schedule for ongoing monitoring and control. We can also review ongoing plans, identify critical paths, and prepare catch-up plans.
Data Analysis
Data AnalysisExto planning and monitoring executives will review your project data and assist your PMs and planning engineers with analysis and interpretation to help you take the best corrective action.
Exto common framework
Easily model PM processes, configure workflows, and integrate with other tools.

Integration-ReadyTightly coupled iPaaS integration framework that provides bi-directional integration with other external services. Exto is integrated with Primavera, Microsoft, and other ERP tools right out of the box.
Configurable Process Designer
Configurable Process DesignerFully configurable process flows with customizable forms and form elements.
Configurable Workflow Engine
Configurable Workflow EngineFully-integrated workflow engine with unlimited steps, configurable form views per step, and customizable notifications.
Granular Security and Auditing
Granular Security and AuditingGranular security model with users, groups, and module-level permissions by project and organization.
Multi-Tenant, Multi-Company
Multi-Tenant, Multi-CompanyTrue multi-tenant architecture, micro-service architecture, Kubernetes-container-based deployment for high volumes.