extract IQ

extract IQ

Find Your Files, Faster!

extract IQ is the easy-to-use file analysis tool that harnesses your data, keeps you safe, and saves you time and money. This NEW cloud based content analytics solution from Co-2-Co is a smart search that uses your data to find your data so you can spend less time “searching” and more time “doing”.

Put an end to your frustrating and tedious manual searches. The powerful cloud-based system searches through millions of files in seconds to retrieve the information you need. Using your current business taxonomy, it targets metadata to identify what’s important to your business and what isn’t. Your files will be neatly categorized, making them instantly accessible to target with your desired search filters – so you’ll never lose time searching for files again.


Organizations are wasting time as employees search unorganized legacy file systems for hours to find information. The manual approach to classify these files is expensive and time consuming, possibly taking an expert up to 10 minutes per file to study the content and categorize it.

THE SOLUTION… Enter your business’s taxonomy and Extract IQ will process your files in a fraction of the time and cost.
So, you have 100,000 files to organize? You could hire 5 people for 12 months… or you can get Extract IQ to do it in just 5 days – leaving your files organized and ready for your employees to extract the data they need.

From Setup To Search, In 6 Simple Steps
  • Step 1: Add details to get things ready
  • Step 2: Specify Business Info
  • Step 3: Select File Systems
  • Step 4: Scan & Extract
  • Step 5: Database Created
  • Step 6: Start Searching!

Organizations are at risk of not being compliant with personal information laws and don’t have a quick or reliable method verify compliance on millions of files.

THE SOLUTION… Extract IQ reads the contents of your files and detects key information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers and any other information you need to manage. This can be done on an ad-hoc basis or you can set up Extract IQ to perform continuous monitoring for your organization, so you can avoid fines by operating in an organized manner to stay compliant with your legal obligations.


Organizations are wasting money on the upkeep and storage of the massive amounts of data they’re generating on servers and in physical offices when files are classified incorrectly or retained in hard copy form.

THE SOLUTION… By entering your own organization’s taxonomy and specifying the relative importance of each item, Extract IQ calculates the importance of each file. This organizes all of the data into the categories you’ve entered. Any duplicated/temporary files will be flagged for you to decide whether they should be archived or deleted.

On average, 10-20% of space will be saved through the removal of duplicate and temporary files. Another 20- 30% of space will be reclaimed by deleting files that have no relevance to your organization. Overall, Extract IQ has the potential to cut your storage costs in half!