Dropbox Business

Gain visibility and control with Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business turns your team’s productivity tool of choice into the secure tool for getting work done. With end-to-end visibility and powerful yet flexible controls, you can protect your team’s most important work—inside or outside the office.


As the tool employees already rely on to get work done, you can expect widespread adoption when bringing Dropbox into your organization. The result: a unified home for team’s content and the collaboration around it.


Easy-to-use controls help you manage your team even as users and data usage grow—so your IT organization can spend time on what matters most.


The Dropbox platform helps you integrate Dropbox Business into your existing IT architecture and extend control with best-in-class enterprise solutions.

Visibility and insights
Understand Dropbox usage at your company, at a high level or with detailed logging.

  • Admin dashboard – Track team members, user onboarding, and storage at a high level
  • Members – Manage permissions by user and pull individual activity reports
  • Auditing and forensics – Dive into user activity, file events, sessions, and device usage with refined filtering and advanced search
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Content management
Manage sharing and file access within your organization and with external partners.

  • Sharing permissions – Set restrictions on sharing and collaboration inside or outside the team
  • Team folder manager – Centrally manage access to team folders, and choose which folders sync to employee computers by default
  • Collaboration settings – Enable/disable Commenting, File Requests, or permanent deletions
  • Smart Sync – See all files and folders in context on the desktop, even if they’re not stored locally
Authentication and device security
Keep users and company data protected whenever, wherever.

  • Require two-step verification – Ensure an extra layer of protection for select individuals or the whole team
  • Device approvals – Prevent unauthorized access by limiting the number of devices that can be synced to Dropbox
  • Separate work and personal Dropboxes – Help employees keep work and personal data separate, and restrict two-account on employee devices
  • Unlink and remote wipe devices – Clear files devices if they’re lost or stolen, or when an employee leaves the team
Team management
Speed up deployment, onboard and offboard users, and manage file access at scale.

  • Domain management – Gain control of personal Dropbox usage on your company domain and bring personal users onto the business account
  • Account transfer – Transfer files from one user to another to maintain business continuity during offboarding
  • Suspend user – Suspend accounts in between contractor projects, or when an employee goes on leave
  • SSO and AD integration – Seamlessly create or remove accounts using Active Directory integration, and streamline authentication with SSO
  • Groups – Create company-managed groups (or import from Active Directory) to manage file access by team or project
  • Assume user – Gain visibility into specific users’ Dropbox accounts
  • Tiered admin controls – Grant varying levels of management capabilities to your IT team
  • Enterprise installer – Install Dropbox remotely on Windows machines via managed software solutions and deployment mechanisms
Dropbox Business API
Building on the power of the Dropbox Platform, our enterprise solutions extend the capabilities of Dropbox Business while integrating seamlessly into your core IT processes and existing solutions. With products developed by industry-leading providers, you can scale your deployment, meet specific regulatory requirements, and extend control of sensitive information. The Dropbox Business API includes integrations for:

  • Data Loss Prevention – Monitor data flow and apply policies to protect sensitive information
  • Digital Rights Management – Further regulate encryption and data access
  • Security Information and Event Management – Collect, monitor, and analyze security and infrastructure log data
  • eDiscovery – Streamline the legal discovery process
  • Data migration and on-premise backup – Scale and secure migration of data into Dropbox
  • Identity management – Integrate with company directory services to simplify deployment, automate provisioning, and improve user management
  • Custom applications – The Dropbox Business API also enables businesses to build custom applications on top of the Dropbox platform