Manage your content in the cloud with Box

Box is a cloud content management system that puts all your work in one place and provides secure collaboration for every team in your organization. Storing your documents and data in the cloud immediately removes the boarders that have prevented collaboration and sharing. Now, your employees will be able to get work done like never before by efficiently accessing information using any device, from anywhere, at any time and [depending on the roles and privileges you’ve set] collaborate with each-other and customers on projects.

Seamless collaboration
Box makes it simple to collaborate across your teams, customers, partners, and vendors — and access your files from any device, at any time.
Simplified workflow
Automate the repeatable workflows that are key to your business, like HR onboarding and contract and digital asset management.
Integrated with all your apps
Box integrates with 1,400+ apps, from O365 and G Suite to Slack, so you connect the content flowing across your favorite tools.
Frictionless security
Easy-to-use, flexible security controls let you share files with confidence and protect your most sensitive data, no matter your industry.