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Why CBA CloudSolutions?

CBA CloudSolutions Overview

As the amount of information continues to explode, it’s more difficult—and more critical—than ever for people to find what they need in order to get their jobs done efficiently and accurately. Add in the myriad of devices we use to create and access this information, the rising costs of storing all that data, and employees’ desire and need to work wherever they are, and it’s apparent why more organizations are turning to the cloud to create a smarter, more collaborative enterprise.

For many organizations, the biggest challenge is to determine the most cost-effective technologies for storing data. At the same time, they have to keep in mind that the solution must enable employees to work collaboratively and effectively; not only with each-other, but also with clients while keeping document versions current. The process must be secure, yet intuitive and simple enough for users to share and work across the multitude of devices we work with during our daily lives.

Storing your documents and data in the cloud immediately removes the boarders that have prevented collaboration and sharing. Now, your employees will be able to get work done like never before by efficiently accessing information using any device, from anywhere, at any time and [depending on the roles and privileges you’ve set] collaborate with each-other and customers on projects.


In response to the COVID-19 crisis and to keep our employees and clients safe, all training classes will be held online through the end of May, 2020