Software Installation and Implementation

Reduce Stand-up Time and Frustration

Our staff of Information Technology consultants can get all of the software products we represent and related product support applications up and running in your network environment. We not only perform initial installs, but we also fully test for true multi-user functionality and ensure peripheral product compatibility. We also perform system checks, service and fix pack installations and general performance issue trouble-shooting. If you think it should be running better, it probably should, and we can help. Additionally, we can assist with set-up and configuration within the software:

Software Installation Frustration
  • Define Role-based Security Profiles
  • Add Users by Role Functionality
  • Populate Standard Dictionaries and Data Items
  • Define Standard Views
  • Define Project and Application Defaults

We can save you time and reduce costs by shortening ramp-up time. With our assistance, you can minimize the learning curve with direct, product-specific knowledge transfer from our Professional Services team to your Primavera Administrators and application support staff.

Comprehensive Software Implementation Services

Let CBA ensure you get the most out of your Project Management Software investment by guiding the implementation process. With over 30 years of software implementation experience, we know how to marry your current processes with the software application, collaborate to develop new processes and incorporate industry best-practices to all processes and software configuration along the way. CBA can help you achieve productivity gains and give you peace of mind knowing that you’re not just getting things done, but doing them right from inception to roll-out.

  • Perform Readiness Assessment
  • Design Set-up & Configuration
  • Prototype & Test
  • Production Validation
  • Perform & Monitor “Go-live” Rollout
  • Results Analysis
Implementation Methodology

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