Primavera Desk Guide Development

Benefit from Documented Processes and Procedures

CBA can document the use of your Primavera software tools and incorporate your company-specific processes and role-based user requirements. The Primavera Desk Guide is intended to be a user reference tool and training guide. The Desk Guide incorporates the applications you desire, screen shots depicting your project data and includes documentation of your report specifications, your database structure and procedures directly related to your company’s use of Primavera.

  • Clearly define processes for consistency
  • Communicate your company’s best practices and expectations for project management
  • Eliminate “cowboys” or people who insist on managing projects their way
  • Provide a benchmark for measuring performance
  • Document all internal project management and software use procedures in one location
  • Have a training tool for onboarding new employees

Many companies realize the direct benefit of having a Primavera Desk Guide, but they just don’t have the staff available to put it together. Let CBA help develop this documentation and ensure consistent compliance with your company’s Primavera Project Management and Control Processes.

Desk guide development

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