Oracle Primavera Training

Become More Efficient with Training

Custom Training Development

Let CBA take the basic foundation of a great training curriculum and customize it for your organization by using sample projects and data specific to how you manage projects. This custom, company specific curriculum can contain material emphasizing only the software features you use along with the project management control processes you’ve defined. Courseware can be developed using your company’s database with examples tailored to your company roles and departments and their specific use requirements.

One-on-One Refresher Training

Are there features of the software you weren’t previously using that you’re now required to use? Are you starting a new position and it’s been a while and you’re a little rusty? Why not schedule a One-on-One Refresher with one of CBA’s instructors? We can isolate only the topics you need at a date and time based on your availability. Most Refresher sessions can even be conducted remotely via the web. If you’ve already had standard training and are just looking to tune-up your existing Primavera skills, then One-on-One Refresher Training may be just what you need.

Public Oracle Primavera Training

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