Primavera Training - Primavera P3 Resource and Cost Analysis

Primavera P3 Resource and Cost Analysis Training Class

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Primavera P3 Resource and Cost Analysis Training Class

1 Day Course

This one-day will enable you to take full advantage of driving resources, resource curves, hierarchical resources, resource profiles/tables, and resource leveling. Learn resource calendars for planning and control and Rich Text format reports for status reporting. Participants will develop, update, and track resources and costs using a series of hands-on workshops.
AUDIENCE: Project Administrator, Field Superintendent
PREREQUISITE: Primavera P3 Planning and Scheduling
Controlling and Managing Resources:
• Organize activities into groups according to resource
• Use resource profile/tables for “what if” analysis
• Define hierarchical and driving resources
• Assign resource lag and duration to activities
• Define linear and nonlinear resource distribution
• Use reports to review resource/cost allocation

Resource Calendars:
• Create resource calendars
• Define task, independent, and meeting activities
• Assign driving resources to different activity type
Hands-On Workshops & Exercises:
• Analyze resource use through resource profiles
• Assign hierarchical resources
• Define driving resources
• Create resource/cost curves
• Run resource/cost reports
• Apply resource calendars to a schedule
• Level resources

Resource Leveling:
• Handle resource conflicts
• Differentiate between forward and backward leveling
• Perform hierarchical resource leveling
• Analyze the effects of resource leveling on a project
Upon Course Completion, You Will Be Able To:
• Adding a project to a project group
• Developing the coding structure
• Adding the project code values
• Calculating a schedule by manually creating a target

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