Solutions for the Transportation Industry

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CBA is our partner whenever we launch a Primavera initiative…setting us up to make the most out of our Primavera P6 Investment

– Alex Beaver, CRAA

Success Story

Alex Beaver of CRAA

Transportation agencies continue to have new demands to be more responsive in providing transportation services. They are challenged to build consensus around balancing short-term cost effectiveness and long-term sustainability. Now more than ever, transportation agencies have to be capable planners in the face of continuing and new requirements.

Our solutions help transportation agencies evaluate their current and future capacity to support programs and gain the visibility needed to make informed decisions and use funds wisely.

  • Improve oversight of spending
  • Streamline the capital planning process
  • Develop realistic preliminary project cost and risk estimates
  • Maintain an organized, repeatable process for performing projects
  • Enhance contract administration and project documentation
  • Better manage resources
  • Improve team collaboration with contractors and consultants
  • Consolidate redundant systems

We combine technologies and best-practice, industry related experience to improve the capital planning process and better manage those projects once underway. With our solutions, you can make quicker, more informed decisions based on accurate information. We can help you develop the most efficient processes utilizing the right technologies to reduce time, costs and risks associated with transportation projects.