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CBA has been an irreplaceable asset in helping GCWW raise the bar for capital project planning…!

– Mark Raffenberg, GCWW

Success Story

GCWW and Mark Raffenberg

Federal, state and public agencies across the nation know that the days of easy money are coming to an end. The public sector is feeling the pressure. Now more than ever, you are being asked to do more with less. Under the intense scrutiny of the public eye and stakeholders, you have to be even more strategic about project selection and reducing costs across the board. Funds just aren’t available to pay for inefficiency and outdated processes. Public sector agencies need to:

  • Improve project selection for capital planning
  • Reduce the cost of providing services
  • Maintain an organized, repeatable process for performing projects
  • Make information accessible
  • Consolidate redundant systems
  • Develop realistic preliminary project cost and risk estimates
  • Streamline contract administration and project documentation
  • Improve team collaboration with contractors and consultants
  • Manage accountability for the project team

Our public sector solutions help you gain the visibility you need to make informed decisions and make the best use of the funds that are available. We combine technologies and best-practice, industry related experience to improve the capital planning process and better manage those projects once underway. With our solutions, you can make quicker, more informed decisions based on accurate information. We can help you develop the most efficient processes utilizing the right technologies to reduce time, costs and risks associated with projects in the public sector.