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Next Generation Content Analytics

Remember trawling through file folders to find that all important file? Not anymore. Spotlight freeform searching allows you to look for information in a new way – your files are now tagged with key business properties to support a much more intuitive and useful searching experience.

Spotlight is a NEW cloud based content analytics solution from Co-2-Co that reads the metadata of your files to categorize and organize them based on your own business taxonomy for easy retrieval.

This simple web app that works like “Google” to search files, uses a 5 step process to get you up and running in no time at all.

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Up and running with 5 step process

  • Step 1: Junk Processing
  • Step 2: Exclusion Processing
  • Step 3: Relevancy Processing
  • Step 4: Natural Language Processing
  • Step 5: Content Consolidation (optional)

Since Spotlight uses your own internal taxonomy to categorize and organize the information in your files, it gives you the opportunity to filter out unwanted search results, like you would on a consumer shopping website, based on things like Project, Supplier, Keyword…etc. Here are a few other reasons you’ll want to take a look at Spotlight:

  • 80% of your business info is locked away in files
  • Stop wasting time looking for info
  • Gain new insights
  • Get rid of junk and focus on valuable files
  • Search through thousands of files in seconds
  • Gain access to legacy file systems
  • Convert hard copy files into searchable e-files with automated indexing

For more information, take a look at the Spotlight Technical Information Guide.